How to Optimize your Upwork profile?

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

I have over 11 years of experience in the freelancing world and today I am going to share some tips that will help you optimize your Upwork profile and land more projects. Please note this is not a formula to earn money but it is my personal experience of how I have grown into a top-rated plus freelancer with over 30$k earnings and a 100% Job Success Score.

Tip #1 - Upwork Job Titles

Get creative your job title a bit and add some personalization and specialization

for example:

  • Professional Social Media Manager or Expert Virtual Assistant

  • Top-Rated Website Developer or Experienced Graphic Designer

Tip #2 - Upwork Profile Photo

The trick of a nice, trustworthy profile photo is very simple: a professional close-up shot of your head, a genuine smile, and nothing more.

"Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. — Stephen Hawking

Tip #3 - Overview Description

Write a neat and short profile description explaining your strengths and achievements. Do tell your clients what you can offer them that makes you different from others and why you're the best in your category. Maximize your chances of getting hired by providing clients the exact and most relevant skills to your specialized profile.

Tip #4 - Connect Social Accounts on Upwork

Believe it or not! Connecting your social accounts as much as you can take your profile many levels up

Tip #5 - List your most relevant skills

You have to tell your clients what you're good at. One of my teachers from Jamaica told me If I am good at something I should not do it for free even for my parents. By adding relevant skills your profile has a greater advantage when clients search by filtering skills.

Tip #6 - Add introductory Video

It’s not about profiles but about people and human relationships – video will allow you to present yourself better than any words and pictures ever could and clients trust you even more. This will eliminate the factor that you own this profile and the client will have no problem having a short zoom meeting with you.

Tip #7 - Personal Information on Upwork

Do not type your email or phone number in the bid or anywhere on the profile.

  • Do not attach your resume or write that in your description

  • In your work bio use only relevant experience jobs

IF you’re new on Upwork please select your level as a new freelance and do not a select expert or medium level. Your profile will never land work.

Tip #8 - Writing Upwork proposals & Landing Projects

Look for small projects like writing a resume, or making a logo, or fixing a bug in a website if you’re writing than similar small jobs and try to get at least one 5 star rating this will allow Upwork to set up a video call verification with you that will help you in:

  • Verify your profile with a blue tick

  • Verify the level of your communication

  • Put your profile among different search lists.

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